College ugh

So knowing me, I’m built of two different traits, and these two seem to often clash on each other. Those two traits are none other than ambition and procrastination. The reason I am bringing these up are because the combination has struck me again.. details below.

Essentially, I applied for and got accepted into the local community college last year. And without much preparation, my mind kept on thinking “yes! yes! yes! I got accepted! I’ll be in school easily for the Fall 2013 semester!”, without thinking how I was going to pay. That’s the ambitious part, okay?

Now for how procrastination played a role for me.. first off, I only finalized my schedule for the fall semester just last week, and the fall semester begins on August 19th. Because of that, I have yet to submit any type of payment to the school bursar. I haven’t applied for loans 🙁 and basically, this is crap I should have been doing all summer, and I haven’t taken care of it. >_> It’s making me feel depressed on the inside that these dates are approaching me so fast, and I haven’t done anything about possibly getting a solution towards this. My payment is due on August 15th, but I guess I should be fortunate enough to have even gotten as far as acceptance, considering I will be the first of anyone in my household to go past a high school diploma fresh out of high school.

I just hope though that I can get some form of payment into the bursar before next week’s deadline, because I want to make both of my parents proud that I am going to school instead of winding up like them and being out of school with only a job. I still plan on going to college, though, but I may have trouble with this simply because of financial problems. If I don’t get in for the fall semester, I will definitely try to look back at my mistakes and get better financial aid for the spring 2014 semester and look there. But if I fall into that situation, I should focus on getting a full-time (maybe part-time?) job so that I don’t wind up doing anything for 4 months.

To conclude, I’m going to let this blog post be a reminder to myself (and maybe others?) that one should control their ambitions before making major decisions, such as how I’ve done. I know it might not seem like I’m making any sense, but the situation I’m in outside of my life online is just not the best at the moment.

Until next time,
Servine out~!

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