Applying for a job, ugh.

So this morning, I called back one of the employers I applied for a job at. So with my luck, I got ahold of someone, and asked for a manager. Instead of getting transferred to a manager by phone, the person I got a hold of went to go ask the manager instead (who was dealing with a customer). The person on the phone then said that the manager checks applications every Monday and would give me a call back if ready. Keep in mind, though, that I applied for said job online and not in person.

So my question is, when I go looking for the next job, should I still keep applying online, or just go around and ask for job applications? I know it’s kinda difficult to get a job in today’s economy, but I have to pay for my schooling.

And next question, how long do y’all recommend I wait to call back on the status of my application if I haven’t heard back in some time? I’d at least like to have an interview (and a job as well) before the end of the month. Maybe not so much a job before the end of the month, but definitely an interview.

Until next time,
Sevine out~!

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