My Favorite Christmas Song

I could go through many, but one of my most favorite tunes to listen to at this time is Greg Lake’s “I Believe in Father Christmas.” Why? It may not be a traditional song, but it’s the instrumentation of the song I enjoy.

There’s even two versions of the song as well! The original version was released as a single by Greg Lake in 1975. The single version contained an orchestra alongside a choir in the background along with vocals and guitar from Lake. Here’s the original version below:

Then in 1977, a second version of the song was released onto the Emerson, Lake & Palmer album Works Volume 2. However, this version of the song did not contain the orchestra or choir at all. At the end, this version ended with a piano instead of the orchestra from the original version. Here’s this version of the song:

Yeah, that’s my favorite holiday song this year. Probably gonna change next year, though!

So tell me, what are some of your favorite songs for the Holidays? Considering it’s close to Christmas, I figure I could ask!

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