MegaCon 2015 recap!

So this past Friday, I was at MegaCon 2015 in Orlando. I certainly had a lot of fun, and it will definitely be a memorable experience for sure!

Anyways, it was 6:45am when I finally got into my car and hit the road. I was going to pick up two friends that were going to the convention with me. After I picked them up, I went ahead and got gas and bought breakfast before getting on the Interstate. The drive up to the convention was simple and quite fun. I drove up Interstate 4 mainly in the left lane, and ran into traffic just before my exit in Orlando. That was certainly a fun experience.

It was 10:00am when me and my friends got to the convention, and we walked around for a bit and I took some pictures of cosplayers. We got our wristbands in a timely manner and just walked around some more. The convention center was large, so we didn’t get to explore the whole place. The worst part is that the convention floor (mainly the dealer’s room/artist alley) didn’t open until noon, and there were literally lines formed outside the floor where the marketplace was. We walked around the area where the lines were and chatted with some (especially those that had their 3DSs out) waiting. It was almost 11am when one of my friends got hungry and we decided to look for lunch outside the convention.

We walked to a McDonald’s for lunch. They were packed on the inside with people all dressed up. Then after we had lunch, the convention floors had been opened by the time we returned, so we walked around the dealer’s room and artist alley (both in the same room!) and it was the largest dealer’s room I had ever seen at a convention.

Around 1:30pm, I split from my two friends. I went walking towards the upper end of the convention center hall to begin lining up for a large panel featuring Jeremy Shada and Olivia Olson from Adventure Time. There were five different lines formed of people waiting for the panel. I was waiting in a large empty room with everyone else, and then all of us were escorted into an auditorium. By the time all of the attendees entered the auditorium, everyone was running to get front-row seats. I managed to snag a front row seat, right in front of the stage, and I was glad for that. After that panel ended, I went walking around the con some more, although I did loiter for a bit as well. I was going to meet up with a friend from school, but what we were doing just conflicted with each other, and we never saw each other either but texted quite a bit during the con. I was also texting a certain someone I was glad to meet up with (details below ;)) to see where they were, and it was quite fun running into them, although we planned to meet up!

The person I am referring to above is none other than Tara, or Sora. She told me that she was going to MegaCon weeks ago, and I told her that I bought tickets for Friday, so we exchanged numbers. I kept asking her every so often where she was (since she came later than I did), and then I texted her around the area where wristband pickup was when she told me she arrived on site. She told me that she was just around that area as well, and so I was looking for her. When I sent her a text on which shirt I was wearing, I looked up and saw her replying back to my text haha! It was that awkward moment when I snuck up on her (and her sister) and she spotted me, and we greeted each other. She saw me before she and her sister went to pick up their wristbands and was going to ask if that was me standing around, but she saw me busy on my phone in one hand and my 3DS in the other. We walked around for a bit!

After we met, I showed her and her sister the way to the dealer’s room and artist alley, and we were there for roughly an hour or more. I wandered around with both Tara and her sister the entire time, and quickly caught up with one of the friends I brought with me, who was still in the dealer’s room briefly. It was in the dealer’s room that Tara, her sister, and myself started shopping for things. We saw a lot of Pokémon merchandise, and she watched me buy a new Snivy plush xD then we took to explore much more of the dealers and the artists as well.

After the exploration of the sales floor, it was a little after 6:00pm. By this time, my feet were tired out excessively and we took a large break. This was the time that we decided to hit up a Denny’s up the road, and I introduced my two friends to Tara and her sister. We walked to Denny’s and had dinner, which was quite fun. Then after we left Denny’s, it was dark out and by the time we reached the convention center, it was time for us to part ways, since it was after 8:00pm. Tara and I had fun being together, since we finally met up after so many possible chances for over a year now!

After I dropped my friends off at their places, I got home just before 10:30pm Friday night. My parents were almost ready to be in bed, and when I got home was when I discovered I developed blisters on my feet. Yikes. Went to bed like two hours later after a skype call with the rest of my college friends.

I wish I was able to go back Saturday and Sunday, but I had plans for the rest of the weekend. ;-;

  • Anyways, for those who are like TL;DR, a summary:
  • Went to MegaCon with friends this past Friday
  • Saw Jeremy Shada (voice of Finn) and Olivia Olson (Marceline) from Adventure Time up close in person
  • Met Tara ([mod]Sora[/mod]) and her sister in person
  • Bought a cute & small Snivy plushie
  • Had dinner at Denny’s with Tara, her sister and my friends
  • Walked back to the convention center and started driving back home

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