Rainy, Rainy Days

(Image courtesy NBC News)

For the past few days, it’s been cloudy with rain chances being higher than normal here in West Central Florida, and today’d probably be considered the rainiest of them all so far. Yeah, you may say “it rains everyday in Florida, so how is this new?” Well, it’s not often that you have a low pressure system near us in the Gulf of Mexico at this time of year that isn’t named. The system was being monitored by the National Hurricane Center, but so far it’s pretty much been marked with no chances of developing. Either way, forecasters here in the Tampa Bay area are expecting rain chances to not return to normal (30-40% with afternoon storms) until Wednesday.

What have I enjoyed about this system, though? The cooler temperatures. Today’s high temperature at my house didn’t even get to 82°F (or approximately 28°C for all y’all abroad 😜), which is definitely a nice touch from the typical heat. Although it’s still humid, it’s better than having the sun beat down on you whenever you’re outside with the humidity and heat. What’s not so nice? The unending bands of rain, which pretty much fell this morning. So much rain in fact that my church was half-empty.

The low pressure is slowly moving northward and away from Florida at this point, but it’s still causing a pain for some areas in the state. Flood watches had been issued as a result of this system, so please stay safe if you’re under one of those. Always remember: Turn Around, Don’t Drown®!

Turn Around Don’t Drown is a registered trademark of the National Weather Service. I own no rights to it.

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