Working two positions…

For about the past week, I’ve been working an extra position at my workplace in addition to my primary position. Normally, people would feel worn out with doing such a thing, but not me because that means more money for my bank account. 🤑

In addition to working with students with disabilities (as I have been doing for the past two years), I have been working around the campus academic success center. This is a position I’d been assigned to as a secondary position since December 2016, but I only work it if needed by the manager. These past few days, I’d been working as the front desk assistant at the reading lab, which involves grading of assignments for students who come in, in addition to making sure students are signing in and out while at the reading lab. Even though I’m mainly filling in for the primary front desk assistant, it feels great to know how easy it is to dive in to the duties to perform and how nice it is to interact with the students.

So how about y’all? Anyone here who works two jobs, or perhaps two positions within the same employer? 🙂

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