The Android Challenge: Going a week without my iPhone!

Most of y’all by now know that my primary phone is an iPhone 6 Plus. However, before that, I was using a Moto G 2015 (Osprey). One thing that kept getting me agitated about the Moto G was how little internal space it has, and how I kept getting near that maximum threshold. This problem existed mainly because several of my apps could not get sent to the SD card, which was a software flaw with the version of Android I was using on it at the time (6.1.1).

Well yesterday, I managed to clean the phone up a little! I installed LineageOS onto the device, and the version of Android does allow forced installation of apps to the SD card, via the developer settings. I also rooted the device just for the fuck of it as well. I also did not install as many apps now as I had before on the previous install; the apps I do have are the ones I frequently use the most on a regular basis and not all the fluff. This is also technically a downgrade in several ways as well: lower screen resolution, lower disk space, and a lesser-megapixel camera. However, I just need something to browse the internet with (Facebook 🙄), text, and make calls from. The plus side is that the device does have an included FM radio tuner, which is something I sorta (?) miss with using an iPhone.

Anyways, I’m going to try and blog once a day about how it’s like not having an iPhone for a week, and to see if I can actually handle keeping up. 😉

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