The Android Challenge: Day Four

Day Four: Tuesday, May 23, 2017

It was the fourth day of my challenge, which means it’s now more than halfway done! I will say though that I am starting to feel withdrawals of not using my iPhone, but I am not giving up the challenge until it’s after the seventh day!

Anyways, I must have fixed whatever setting that allowed the camera to open on its own. The camera app did not open on its own! Yay!

It was also a day for me to be at work, so of course I used my phone more than I did on day three. I mainly just browsed Facebook and looked at my personal emails, so no heavy usage here.

Also, I had to clear my phone’s internal memory cache out. I’m not much a fan at how cache can stick around on Android instead of clear out when it’s no longer needed. Then again, I guess it doesn’t help that the phone has only 8 gigabytes of internal space, either.

Well, day five is Wednesday! I’ll be at home for most of the day, so I don’t imagine much use of my phone will come. However, a post will most definitely follow. 🙂

End-of-day battery percentage: 66%.

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