The Android Challenge: Day Five

Day Five: Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Alright, I’m now in withdrawal stage; I thought about concluding the challenge prematurely. However, I’m not doing it! It’s extremely likely at this point that Saturday will be the day I go back to using my iPhone.

Anyways, it was another stay-at-home day for the most part. I did have my phone off the charger after 2:00 in the afternoon to go pick up some pies for our bible study at church in the evening, that way my dad didn’t have to get them (and also because it rained, and I wanted him to have a nice commute home from downtown Tampa). I didn’t look at my phone once while out, but the emails surely did pour in.

Then after arriving home, I didn’t plug it back in. Although I probably didn’t touch it again until I got to my church at around 6:30. The battery was still above 90% at this time. Between talks and during the meal, I looked at my phone a bit (reddit, PC, Facebook). Chrome did crash a few times while trying to load PC, but the solution there was to just close the tab and then reload the site (and somehow it worked).

Either way, I don’t really have much to say at this point any further. I’ll still update you guys for Thursday and Friday, but now y’all pretty much know how my experiences are with going back to Android from iOS on the phone, and with usage of LineageOS on a Moto G. 🙂

End-of-day battery percentage: 78%.

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