The Android Challenge: Day Six

Day Six: Thursday, May 25, 2017

Alright, the second-to-last day of the Android Challenge. Not much today, but I do have some new thoughts.

Apparently the device doesn’t fare well with consistent connectivity when switching between WiFI and LTE. This is apparent when I am on AndChat and people are bitching at me about always constantly disconnecting and reconnecting without touching anything. This was also in part due to the fact that I was walking around a lot at my job, which of course y’all know I work on a college campus. Indoor areas have good coverage while outdoor areas do not. It’s also due to the fact that I’m switching from access point to access point as well that causes these disconnections. >_>

Also, I will say this: it can be easy for me to ignore my phone when I hear notifications go off. Unlike iOS, the phone screen does not turn on on its own whenever a notification comes in. It wasn’t until I got home to see how many notifications I had, and those included several email notifications, a Facebook notification, and a reddit notification. Plus, notifications on Android don’t disappear if you check them from other devices (like a computer), whereas they do in iOS.

To conclude, tomorrow is the final day of me using my Moto G for a week. I am returning to my iPhone 6 Plus on Saturday, and I may even do a write-up on how it is to be switched back to iOS for my phone.

End-of-day battery percentage: 74%.

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