Hey there!

Welcome to my homepage! My name is Zach, and this is a little filler page until I find something better to put here.

About Me

I enjoy technology, and reading about what's new in both the world of the internet, computer hardware, and software. I am also a huge Nintendo fan, with my favorite video game series being Pokémon. I do watch some anime here and there as well, whenever I have the time to. Music, you ask; I listen to classic rock! I even enjoy keeping up-to-date with information that I may find vital to today's world, such as local, national, and even international news, alongside seeing how the weather for today is going to be. I've learned to code basics in PHP, and some CSS as well.

Why snivy.info?

I used to always want to have my own domain name. Snivy just happens to be my all-time favorite Pokémon as well. I figured that having a favorite interest of mine close to something I've always wanted to have would be the best combination ever, so here it is!

Other Pages and Projects

Being how I mentioned that I like looking at information, I just so happen to have a home weather station at my house. The current conditions for my home weather station can be looked at right here!

I also have a little project I developed using PHP for obtaining your current weather conditions right here. I developed almost entirely from scratch. It's another nerdy thing of me (I know), but I felt it'd be neat to showcase my work considering how much work I've gone towards developing it since 2012.